Team Cooper’s Portfolio Website

Team Cooper

After a shift in the market from Flash games to a whole variety of technologies including JavaScript, Haxe, Unity and HTML5, Team Cooper needed a new website to better represent their presence and abilities. I was given the task of transforming designs by Binky into the site that is now live at



This was my first commercial web development job and also my first time creating a WordPress theme from scratch. During development, I had to extend WordPress with my own custom plugins – one of which was to have various size cover images ready to display in a “breakout” grid. The site also has multiple landing pages for Google Adwords and better SEO. These landing pages have text specific to different technologies and concepts and only display relevant projects – an example of this being for Flash games.

While building the site, I aimed for it to be compatible with all major browsers including IE8+. While everything should work and look similar on IE8 there are some elements of graceful degredation such as the transparent background behind text. The site should also work well without JavaScript enabled only missing a few features such as the animated slider.

Taking on this job gave me a much better understanding of the internal workings of a WordPress website.